Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse

51 Gerty Dr.
Children’s Research Center, UIUC
Champaign, IL 61820

The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse is a lending library and information resource for families and professionals in Illinois. Our free lending library consists of books, journals, and DVDs related to early childhood, parenting, and young children with special needs. The EI Clearinghouse is one component of the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Program. The state’s program provides a collection of services for families of children from birth to age 3 who have disabilities or developmental delays or who are at risk of having developmental delays. Families are the key to successful early intervention. Our mission is to provide families with the information they need to support their children’s growth and development.

Please click here to view a captioned informational video about the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse, with sign language interpreter, from the February 18, 2021, Third Thursday Resource Round-up:

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