Developmental Services Center (DSC)

1304 W. Bradley Ave.
Champaign, IL 61821

DSC has a longstanding reputation for providing quality services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities throughout Champaign County since its inception in 1972 when a group of parents got together to create day options for their loved ones. DSC proudly provides services and supports to approximately 1200 people annually, one person at a time. Adult services and support include training in areas such as independent living skills, employment and residential options, social skills, recreational opportunities, transportation and community access. An emphasis is placed on independence and community opportunities to enhance quality of life as defined by the individual choosing services offered by DSC. Areas of support for adults include Case Management and Family Support, Employment Services, Day Program and Residential Services. The Family Development Center offers infants, children and families services and support such as speech therapy, physical therapy, daycare consultations, weekly play group and a Family Resource Center.

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